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Initialization of spins

Photo-excited triplet-DNP/NMR magnetic field cycling system

  Triplet-DNP (Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with photoexcited triplet electrons) in an electromagnet operating around 0.4T (lower part of the photo): a technique which employs laser and microwave irradiation to enhance the polarization of nuclear spins in samples slightly doped with triplet molecules (e.g. pentacene) by several hundreds of thousand times. In the superconducting magnet (11.7 T), as shown in the upper part of the photo, solid-state NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectra of proton (1H), carbon (13C), fluorine (19F), and deuteron (2H) can be observed with high resolution. This system shuttles the hyperpolarized sample (as a result of triplet-DNP) to the superconducting magnet without deteriorating polarization, thus allowing us to obtain hypersensitive, high-resolution solid-state NMR spectra. Using this system, Kitagawa Laboratory has been striving to implement "true quantum algorithms", which utilize true entanglement with hyperpolarized nuclear spin qubits. (M.Negoro)

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